Welcome to Hospital Puebla

Hospital Puebla gives you the most cordial welcome and thanks you for the trust placed in us to take care of your health. Our reason for being and priority are patients and we direct all our efforts towards them to ensure quality medical care.

We work to continue being the best option in Puebla and the Southeast of the country in High Specialty Services; because we have the best Medical team, qualified Personnel and Cutting-edge Technology.

"At Hospital Puebla, your health and that of your family is the most important thing for us."

We are a
Hospital of humane treatment

At Hospital Puebla you will be provided with a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Our infrastructure is cutting-edge and in line with the needs that the city of Puebla deserves. We have 56 Standard rooms, 5 Junior Suites and 6 Master Suites.

Within our facilities we have the services of:

  • Pharmacy
  • Restaurants
  • Audience
  • Heliport
  • Parking lot
  • Valet Parking

"At Hospital Puebla, we take care of what you love most"


We are a specialty hospital where its staff, infrastructure, equipment and processes are aligned in the commitment to quality, safety and patient rights, contributing to the care provided by doctors in the prevention, diagnosis and health care of our community. , seeking self-sustainability with social and financial responsibility.


In 2024 we will be the hospital positioned as the first option in Puebla and the South of the country, with the highest national and international certifications recognized in the health sector where our infrastructure and human talent make the difference.



Integrity: We act at all times in an Ethical, Honest, Humane, Upright and Respectful manner.

Teamwork: We value the knowledge and contributions of each collaborator; We intertwine the individual skills of all staff to obtain a safe and high-quality work dynamic. Thus strengthening healthy internal competition.

Loyalty: We establish a commitment to resolve needs, continually improve and humanize our processes as requested to increase the bond with our patients, family, doctors, clients and collaborators.

Social responsibility: Contribute in solidarity and subsidiarily to the development of our collaborators and the community in which we are inserted.
Leadership: We structure business models supported by the knowledge and experience we have, to achieve recognition in the health sector.

Transparency: We generate, safeguard and deliver reliable and authentic information under a secure and effective process; respecting at all times the right and regulations to be informed.

Compassion: Provide care services to patients and families with sensitivity, empathy and dignity; sowing in them hope for recovery, seeking to improve their experience and respecting their rights.

Commitment: We are proactive, efficient and perseverant in fulfilling our role and proposed objectives.

Entrepreneurship: We develop flexibility, dynamism, creativity, drive to achieve additional effort in the face of adversity or difficult challenges.


Hospital Puebla will provide safe, highly complex health services, supported by national and international standards, human talent with a high level of competence, ideal infrastructure and cutting-edge technology.

Hospital Puebla is committed to having a Quality Management System that continually improves to:

Maintain and increase the number of quality and safety standards for the patient.
Raise the level of patient safety culture in our collaborators.
Increase the preference and loyalty of our patients, doctors and collaborators.
Improve the health experience and satisfaction of the patient, their family, doctors and clients.
Give the attention specifically necessary for each patient.
Reduce the negative impact on the environment and thus protect it.


First: The Safety of the Patient or the Collaborator or Our Doctors.
Second: Compassion and the experience of the Patient, Family, Doctor and other Clients.
Third: The Show that enables quality through the application of processes and policies.
Fourth: Efficiency and Financial Health.