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A pacemaker is a small battery-powered device that helps the heart beat at a steady rate. Pacemakers can help regulate the rhythm of the heart in cases of a slow, fast, or irregular heartbeat, or a blockage in the heart's electrical conduction system.
The pacemaker can stimulate the upper chambers of the heart (the atria), the lower chambers (the ventricles), or both. Pacemakers can also be used to prevent the heart from generating or sending too many impulses.

Below we present the structure of our medical tourism package at Hospital Puebla.

The package includes:

1 Consultation by Video Call.
In-person consultation.
Pre-surgical assessment.
Use of hemodynamics.
Personalized follow-up at the Hotel during the 2 days after hospital discharge.
1 night hospitalization in a standard room with 1 companion.
Control echocardiogram.
Transfer for 2 people APARTMENT-HOTEL-APARTMENT in compact car with 1 hour waiting.
2 nights of lodging before and 4 after hospitalization in a hotel of the chosen category in a single or double room (without meals).
4 days of compact car available for 8 hours for local transfers Puebla – Cholula.

The package does not include:

Other procedures not described in the package.
Complication expenses.
Stay in intensive or intermediate therapy units.
Blood transfusions.
Additional days to those established.
Unspecified studies.
Extra nights of accommodation.
Extra people for transfer or accommodation.
Personal expenses.

Get to know our network of Specialists

The doctors that appear in this list are specialists with extensive experience and international recognition:

Dr. Juan Carlos Pérez Alva
Interventional Cardiologist

Know the hotels included

We have medical packages with a stay in a 4 and 5-star hotel, through an agreement with the following hotels, which are prepared to receive guests in this modality, offering additional services for the recovery of the patient and comfort of the companions:

About Hospital Puebla

We are a hospital where our raison d'être and priority are the patients and we direct our efforts towards them to ensure quality medical care.
We work to be the best option in Puebla and the Southeast of the country in High Specialty Services; because we have the best Medical team, qualified Personnel and Vanguard Technology.

About Puebla

Puebla is a magical destination that will make you feel calm and thus enjoy an unforgettable experience, while we perform your requested medical procedure.
We can guide you by offering you recommendations for accommodation, transfers, entertainment and restaurants to coordinate your trip to Puebla and thus receive the best medical service.

About Puebla

We invite you to get to know Puebla, which brings together architectural jewels of the Colony, modern spaces, exquisite gastronomy and historical places.

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What to do

These are some of the activities that you cannot miss during your next visit to Puebla, the capital recognized as a World Heritage Site.

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What to eat

Puebla is a very vast state in terms of typical and traditional food. In its food is the heritage of indigenous and European cuisine from the colonial era.

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Where to go

Discover the best tourist attractions and places to visit in the city of Puebla. Museums, tradition and culture, landscapes, squares and parks and guided tours.

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