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Chalupas are small corn tortillas deep fried in lard. They are bathed in green or red sauce and accompanied with onion, shredded beef, pork or chicken.

It is a delicious and very representative dish of Puebla with more than 100 years of history.



The cemita poblana is a bread based on special flours that make it an incomparable typical dish of the state of Puebla with its crispy milanese of beef, pork, beef or chicken leg, string cheese, avocado, onion, papalo and as spicy to choosing pickled chipotles is suggested.

It is a dish that can be enjoyed in different restaurants and markets in the old neighborhoods of Puebla.



The exquisite tlayoyos are made with a corn base filled with different pastes such as alberjon, potato or beans with a touch of avocado leaf; bathed in delicious green or red sauces with chili peppers from the area (chiltepín) sprinkled with fresh cheese, it is suggested to accompany them with different proteins such as smoked meats.


Mole Poblano

This dish is very representative of the State of Puebla, known nationally and internationally and with a strong historical representation due to the great content of ingredients that create a balanced and mestizo thick sauce.

The traditional mole was served with the famous turkey, which is an ingredient that Mexico gave to the world and that today is also accompanied with all kinds of meats and fusions of international cuisines, considered as a mother sauce of the Mexicans.

Originally it consisted mainly of a sauce made from a wide variety of ingredients poured over pieces of guajolote, the name given to domestic turkey in Mexico, although it is currently used with chicken or other meats. The history of the mole dates back to pre-Hispanic times.


Mole de Caderas

The Mole de Caderas (Mole of Hips) or huaxmole is a traditional goat meat dish from the region of Tehuacán, Puebla. It is considered one of the most important dishes in the states of Puebla and Oaxaca, due to the prolonged upbringing and care in the preparation of the animal -from which all the meat is used- and the celebration of the Matanza Festival that accompanies and begins the slaughter of farm animals for the preparation of food and for the subsequent preservation and curing of the meat.

Traditional Mexican stew that has as distinctive ingredients the hip and the backbone of the goat. The sauce is made with guajillo, costeño and serrano chilies, tomatoes, avocado leaves, cilantro and a typical green bean from the region.

On October 20 of each year, the festival takes place in Tehuacán, in which there are dances such as the so-called "dance of the slaughter", where a male goat is literally danced to sacrifice it at the end with a shot in the forehead.


Tortitas de Santa Clara

The Santa Clara pancakes are a dessert of Puebla cuisine. They are shaped like a cookie, they are made from pumpkin seeds, icing sugar, butter, flour and egg yolks. You can't leave without trying them!

You can find them along Calle 6 Oriente, as there are numerous shops that offer the popular sweets and latent the Pueblan tradition that synthesizes centuries of craftsmanship and domesticated creativity.



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How can we help you?

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